IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 9 18:47:02 EDT 1997

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

Randy, I thought your presentation at the PWG meeting in Austin was excellent.
I have reviewed your internet draft on using HTTP 1.1 as a transport for IPP
and have the following comments:

1. The idea of returning 3 URL (Data, Status, Modify) upon job submission is an
excellent means of facilitating end-user job status and ability to cancel one's
job. However, sometimes there may be an administrative application that wants
to modify jobs. Unless this application had also received the Modify URL, it
would be unable to cancel or modify jobs in the "IPP queue".

I think this might be accomplished by a QUERY to the "root" IPP service URL
which would return a list of currently active and pending print jobs. It would
be crucial that, included with this list would be the Modify URLs. Note there
may need to be some authentication regarding who gets these.

2. Although you were not specific about every type of print service and/or job
data that would be accommodated, I think future versions might want to address
sending and querying resources like fonts and forms that are available on the

Again, I think your paper is a great contribution at understanding how IPP will
map to HTTP 1.1. Thanks.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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