IPP> Protocol Definition

IPP> Protocol Definition

IPP> Protocol Definition

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 11 09:37:14 EDT 1997

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I second Bob's opinmoion. I prefer not to use ASN.1

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        04/10/97 07:19 PM

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Subject: Re: IPP> Protocol Definition

> From rturner at sharplabs.com Thu Apr 10 14:55:11 1997
> I would like to propose that we specify the IPP protocol
> itself using ASN.1 language.
> Comments ?  (yeah, right, like there won't be comments on this one...)

I am very unenthusiatic about ASN.1 because of its overhead.  In the
model group we have purposefully used keywords that are a string of
characters so that we could have a simple protocol that avoids OIDs and

I would prefer that we stay with text and use the syntax rules from
rfc 2068, even for the IPP protocol, whatever it turns out to be.

Bob Herriot

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