IPP> ADM - IPP Phone conference on Wednesday

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone conference on Wednesday

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone conference on Wednesday

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Mon Apr 14 19:03:22 EDT 1997

I can't make a 10am PST conference call; I'll be on a plane.  To be totally
honest, I have not setup the call yet -- I forgot.  Should we try for another 
How about 1 PM PST, 4PM PST on Thrusday instead?


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Date: 04/14/97 10:32:11 AM
Subject: IPP> ADM - IPP Phone conference on Wednesday

It turns out that both Tom and I will be out traveling exactly during the
hours that our next phone conference is planned, at which we wanted to
discuss the PWG press release and other important stuff.  We are actually
out on a goodwill tour among our Eastern Xerox development project leaders
to sell IPP, so it is for a good cause :->

Is there any chance that we could change the time to start say 10 am PST

I realize that this would also mean extra trouble for Don to change the
conference time with the phone company. - Sorry!


Carl-Uno Manros
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