IPP> ADM - Requirements for TXT format documentation

IPP> ADM - Requirements for TXT format documentation

IPP> ADM - Requirements for TXT format documentation

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Tue Apr 15 12:09:20 EDT 1997

We discussed this before and came to the conclusion
that the only fair method was for participants in the conference
calls to pick up their share of the cost.  Participants in the
development of IETF standards are expected to pay their
own way to attend WG meetings, the IETF Plenary, etc.
and conference calls are just one of those expenses.

That said, if someone wants to start setting up the conference
calls and provide an 800 number for participants then great!


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Subject: IPP> ADM - Requirements for TXT format documentation

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An additional item we discussed previously, but have not implemented, was to
to have an 800 number available for the IPP calls.  At least one person has
an inability to participate in these calls because of the costs.

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Subject: IPP> ADM - Requirements for TXT format documentation


one of the comments I got from our Area Directors during the meeting last
week was that we are still not following the intent from the IETF to have a
fully open dialogue of what is happening in the project.

There are two things that we need to improve on right away to put this right:

1) We should try to make our utmost to always provide a TXT version of
agendas, minutes, contributions and drafts.  This should also include what
we show on the Web server. Although it is not mandatory to have a Web
server for the project, it is expected that people can download documents
in TXT format if you have one.  I have given Jeff instructions to that
effect, so that our already existing FTP documents in TXT format are
included.  For our phone conferences etc. we will still need to keep the
PDF document formats as well.

2) We were critizised for not keeping people in the IETF informed about our
progress (there seems to be a bit of question mark here about how much you
are supposed to show before you are a WG, but now that we are one there are
no doubts).  We need to start publishing our intermediate drafts of the
formal documents, in TXT format, over the formal IETF Internet-Draft
library.  We also need to bring all our I-D documents up to a point where
the content is reasonably complete and consistent, even if they are still
under discussion. It seems that we still have some general editorial work
to do here.



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