IPP> Minutes from April 16 Phone Call

IPP> Minutes from April 16 Phone Call

IPP> Minutes from April 16 Phone Call

Stephen Zilles szilles at Adobe.COM
Wed Apr 16 18:18:29 EDT 1997

Internet Printing Project Phone Call Minutes
April 16, 1997

The meeting started at 3PM PDT on April 16 leb by Carl-Uno Manros The 
attendees were:
  Don Wright - Lexmark
  Scott Isaacson - Novell
  Jay Martin - Underscore
  Carl-Uno Manros - Xerox
  Steve Zilles - Adobe
  Bob Herriot - Sun
  Jeff Copeland - QMS
  Mabry Dozier - QMS
  Roger deBry - IBM
  Randy Turner - Sharp Labs

The agenda was
  Discuss proposed Press Release text
  Discuss results of IETF Meeting in Memphis
  Agree on next face to face meeting in San Diego
  Restart sub-groups


  Goals are
        awareness of IPP
        promote the Printer Working Group

  Requests on the e-mail list were

  1. Remove most of the history to avoid a conflict with a prior Novell
  press release. 

    E.g., It was formed by the Printer Working Group in November and
    chartered by the IETF in March.

  2. Tone down the discussion of Fax 

    Could perhaps have a scenario that shows how remote print delivery would
    provide an alternative to making a phone call to transmit documents.

  3. Give more credit to DPA

    Discussion concensus was that we should not mention DPA, but should
    only refer to prior (DPA, LPR, ...) standards efforts.

    "Builds on the broad experience with working with prior printing job
    submission standardization efforts."

  Action Items, due end of day Monday, April 21 

    Roger will draft how world will change based on the
    Scenario/Requirements document

    Don will get a quote from an analyst and will assemble the contributions 

    Carl-Uno will rewrite history


Directory Schemas

  There is an ad hoc group that is designing a registry for directory
  schemas; they are not proposing a syntax for the schema, however.

  In the directory document we need to discuss how (cached) directory
  entries will be kept up with the actual properties of the printers
  on-line when printers can be "hot switched"


  The "two protocol" (Multipart/formdata over HTTP POST and
  Application/IPP over ToBeDetermined) approach was presented

  The ADs made it clear that one protocol must be chosen as "required" 

  The was strong encouragement from experienced IETF participants that
  protocols where there is only one choice have succeed far better than
  protocols which have multiple formats; we were encouraged to pick only
  one protocol.

  Harald A. had observed that we can define a mapping from
  Multipart/formdata over HTTP POST onto Application/IPP over TBD, but not
  vica versa. 


  We should examine SASL (an I-D at draft 8) and the TSL I-Ds (which are
  in for final call on April 25) as solutions to our security problem.

  The goals for security are not clear yet; we are investigating
  mechanisms that we might prototype to see what would be workable.

IPP URL format?

  Much like the special URL format proposed for FAX, do we need a URL
  format for "TBD"

Minutes from IPP WG in Memphis

  Don's minutes have been forwarded to IETF already.


  Carl-Uno will tell SD that we would like to accept the off campus
  location for the Wednesday meeting of the IPP


  The Model group will meet by phone at the normal time on Friday, April

  The Protocol group will meet by phone Monday, April 21 at 10 AM PDT, Bob
  Herriot will arrange the call and send info to the mailing list.

  The Security group will meet on Thursday, April 24, Carl-Uno will send
  out the details.

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