IPP> ADM - Conference calls

IPP> ADM - Conference calls

IPP> ADM - Conference calls

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Thu Apr 17 10:41:08 EDT 1997

>> We discussed this before and came to the conclusion that the only
>> fair method was for participants in the conference calls to pick up
>> their share of the cost.  Participants in the development of IETF
>> standards are expected to pay their own way to attend WG meetings,
>> the IETF Plenary, etc.  and conference calls are just one of those
>> expenses.

  Yes, and my presence in Memphis attests to our willingness to
  support the effort to that extent.  However, most work of most
  working groups has been by email - a fixed cost we all pay anyway,
  so it is effectivly free.

>> At least one person has expressed an inability to participate in
>> these calls because of the costs.

  I just checked some prices, and participating in even the main
  weekly call and one sub-group call per week will run my company over
  $500/month.  I understand that doesn't seem like much to all you
  corporate giants, but it is a high hurdle for us (too high).

  I've already sent a note to the working group co-chairs expressing
  the willingness of myself and my company to participate and provide
  our HTTP experience and expertise as long as that is valuable to the
  group.  I'll watch agendas for the calls, and if it looks as though
  I can contribute something valuable I may join you, but most of our
  participation will be by mail or at meetings we would be attending

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