IPP>PRO Teleconference Agenda and ideas for discussion

IPP>PRO Teleconference Agenda and ideas for discussion

IPP>PRO Teleconference Agenda and ideas for discussion

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Apr 18 23:03:20 EDT 1997

Just a reminder:

I have set up a teleconference for the protocol group:

   Monday, April 21, 10-noon PDT (13-15 EDT).

   Phone number: 415-357-5792
   password: 4145190

I haven't tried to set up an agenda because we didn't adhere to the
one at the last meeting, but I hope that we can discuss two
primary issues:

   1) the form-data/HTTP solution
   2) the application/IPP solution

Based on discussions at our Memphis and Austin meetings, it is
beginning to seem like the application/IPP is the more fundamental of
the two.  I still advocate a MIME structure for the application/IPP
with application/IPPjob and application/IPPprinter objects to hold
attributes for the various operations.

I believe that application/IPPjob and application/IPPprinter objects
consist of a series of lines, each of the form of a MIME header, namely
    field       =  field-name ":" [ field-body ] CRLF

I think that the field-bodies' types should be recognizable from their
syntax. A client can treat all values as text or can recognize their
type.  The types are integer, string (quoted), key-word, Boolean, 
DateTime (per rfc 822 and 1123), integer with units, set (denoted by
braces and elements separated by commas), range (value separated by .. ).

Most operations should need only a single MIME entity body, i.e.
multipart/mixed won't be necessary much.  If CreateJob sends the
application/ IPPjob part, then the SendJob sends Multipart/mixed only if
more than more document needs to be sent.  The other place
Multipart/mixed would be used is for the results of GetJobs when more
than one object is returned -- potentially it returns printer
attributes and also job attributes for each job in the queue.

Those of some ideas we can discuss on Monday.

Bob Herriot

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