IPP> ADM - Revised text for press release

IPP> ADM - Revised text for press release

IPP> ADM - Revised text for press release

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Apr 21 15:55:44 EDT 1997

Below follows my revised and shortened text part for the Hisory part of the
press release. As agreed last Wednesday, I have now started the history
with the first PWG IPP meeting.  FYI, Microsoft also asked to have the
mentioning on their NT work removed as this is not yet officially announced.


History of IPP

The Printer Working Group (PWG), a group of experts with representation from 
printer and print server vendors, started the IPP project in November 1996, 
based on initial contributions from IBM, Novell and Xerox.  
The PWG earlier developed the SNMP Printer MIB and is currently working on a 
Job Monitoring MIB, both are IETF projects.  
Representatives from Adobe, IBM, Lexmark, Novell, Sun, and Xerox act as
authors, and editors for the IPP project.  

A birds-of-a-feather (BOF) session for IPP was held at the December 1996
of the IETF which confirmed widespread interest in developing a printing
protocol for the Internet. On March 6, 1997 the IESG officially chartered
the new Working Group, which has already submitted a first set of
on requirements, model and semantics, directory schema, security, and

The first formal meeting of the IPP Working Group was held on Tuesday
April 8th at the 38th IETF meeting in Memphis, TN.  It is expected that the
Working Group will submit a series of IPP Request For Comment (RFC) documents 
to the IESG later this year for ratification as Proposed Standards.


I had also asked about companies that wanted their names associated with
the press release. This is my list so far:

SDSU/Start Tech

Still seems rather short, I expect that there are a few more...



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