IPP>MOD - IPP comments!

IPP>MOD - IPP comments!

IPP>MOD - IPP comments!

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 23 16:32:49 EDT 1997

Epilogue: Roger K deBry
Senior Techncial Staff Member
Architecture and Technology
IBM Printing Systems
email: rdebry at us.ibm.com
phone: 1-303-924-4080

Here are some comments from one of the customers that attended our customer
council last week.
I am just passing them on for review/interest.  I'll leave it to Scott to
decide if any changes are
required based to the model document based on these comments.
---------------------- Forwarded by Roger K Debry/Boulder/IBM on 04/23/97 02:10
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        jimmy.lundbeck @ guide.se
        04/23/97 08:36 AM

To: Roger K Debry/Boulder/IBM
Subject: IPP comments!

     Hello Roger,
     here comes a couple of comments of the draft model and semantics.

     1, on page 11. regarding a end user find and select printers
        based on a directory.

        ** This directory, how will that work together with a some UNIX
        boxes the need to update there "printcap" to be able to us the LPR
        Our experience in this area tells us that we do not want a function
        that distribute "printcap" files to all UNIX boxes before they are
        needed. We did something like that but was forced to use FTP and
        then on a local server submit the printjob based on information in
        the file name.

     2. on page 13. regarding the spooler for a client.
        How will this work for a NC box?

     3. on page 13. regarding the Gateway.
        As i said in Boulder, i have a lot of bad experience with the LPR
        function and the possibilities to get a supervised environment
         based on that.

     4. on page 13. regarding Notification.
        a function to be able to turn on and of notify, also have a table
        to be able to select what to be notifyed on, like only on errors
        but not on paper jam or out of paper.

     5. output dev def
        To relay on that a printer is able to switch PDL:s is still
        Some of the printers out there is not to good to recognise PS like
        %%, or %! depending on the printer default is set to PCL or PS.
        And also if a file is in the format of HP-GL and are created in a
        UNIX box they normally not send the first record as a setup command
         The file just begin with pen up, pen down and cordinates.

     6. Job priority
        I assume that this only reflects on your on jobs, is that right?

     7. 4.2.2 Cancel Job Operation.
        An administrator like helpdesk functions need to be able to cancel
        jobs for a user, this is one of the most common request to a
       helpdesk function.

     8. As a job attribute
        This about a banner page. to be able to control this side from a
        client side and to be able to get information from some kind of
        administration function. The result will be that the only
        information they there is from a sending node will be the IP
        address if you rely on LPR.

        Also to have a function to address more that one recipient
     (printer)    of a document and be able to send a readable address list
     on the       banner page.
        A function to address a distribution list

     9. 5.2.2 Job notifications
        To be able to specify different recipients of an error condition
        like paper jam or out of paper to a operator/user and a notify to a
        service function if the error code is out of toner or a HW error.

        Also a notification possibility to notify a user different than the
         user that submit the job.

     10 Job production attributes
        If the printer has all functions like different paper format and so
        on, how will get the notification if the user is using a printer on
        a different department or company?
        I assume the the printer attributes are stored in a directory.

     11 As a Printer attribute
        regarding the input-trays.
        Should this not include a function to address bin 1 to bin xx for
        future use?

     12 Compession
        If the printer is connected via a server will the printer attribute
        have to match and probably even a version number of the zip

     13 PDL:s
        for the language, should it not inclund a version number? Will PS
        level 1 be able to print on a PS level 3 printer and so on?

        A printer can have many of this PDL:S and here could it be a value
        to know if it is a multi PDL printer or if a server is used for

     14 Job impressions
        Is the number physical or logical?
        In PS there can be a number of logical impressions on one logical
        impression on a physical page (dose that make sense?)

     15 user locale
        The codepage needed for a document is not needed the same as
     the the user codepage or what codepage the server has.

     16 5.3.3 job status.
        As a said in Boulder, this will not give the correct info if LPR is
        used and the printer use a spooler/server.

     17 5.6 Printer status
        as said before if the printer is connected to a server is it the
        server status you receive and not the printers.
        Another thing is the you are in some cases able to "ping" a node
        but regarded to security not allowed to print on it.

     Please let me know if you can use anything of above.

     Best regards jimmy lundbeck

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