IPP> MOD - Issues

IPP> MOD - Issues

IPP> MOD - Issues

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 24 14:43:13 EDT 1997

Epilogue: Roger K deBry
Senior Techncial Staff Member
Architecture and Technology
IBM Printing Systems
email: rdebry at us.ibm.com
phone: 1-303-924-4080

Scott, did you post a new version of the model document?
If so, is this waht we should use as the basis for tomorrow's discussion?
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Subject: IPP> MOD - Issues

Model Subgroup

I will out of the office at an all day meeting Friday 4/25 and not be able to
participate.  I have asked Tom H. to run the meeting and take notes

I have set up the next three weeks (toll free):

Friday 4/25, 2-4pm Mountain
Friday 5/2, 2-4pm Mountain
Friday 5/9, 2-4pm Mountain
Number: 888-206-4962
Code: 333570

Discussion Items for 4/25

1. Defaults (explicit vs implicit)
2. Best Effort
     a. Client Print Request values vs Printer Supported values
       (This is the current semantics of best-effort in the model doc.
       (Note: I suggest this be a print operation parameter rather
       than  a Job attribute)
     b. External Job Production Instructions vs Embedded values
3. Review conformance text
4. If we get rid of all tags, how do we handle "ready and not-ready"
5. Review mandatory attributes
6. Proposal for a color attribute?
7. Do we need  security supported attribute?
8. Proposal for a "I can override the PDL with external attributes" attribute
   (is this just item 2.b above?)


Scott A. Isaacson
Print Services Consulting Engineer
Novell Inc., 122 E 1700 S, Provo, UT 84606
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