IPP> ADM - Unigram about IPP

IPP> ADM - Unigram about IPP

IPP> ADM - Unigram about IPP

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Who (or what) is Unigram, and where did they get these quotes????
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The following text from Unigram has recently been distributed.





That IPP Internet Printing Protocol for managing print jobs and
accessing print resources across TCP/IP networks is supposed to
get an airing in the next couple of weeks once its supporters get
their marketing ducks in a row. Novell Inc's already started
talking-up its involvement, and the rest of the gang is none too
pleased about its breach of their code of silence. The protocol,
which supposedly combines IBM Corp's HyperText Printing Protocol
and Novell's LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is being
developed and supported by about a dozen companies, including
Xerox Corp, IBM, Novell, Sun Microsystems Inc, Microsoft Corp and
Netscape Communications Corp. Its aim is to define simple
printing instructions, like how to print a page, inquire on the
status of a print job, or how to delete an item from the printer
queue. It's already being considered for use as a standard by the
IETF Internet Engineering Taskforce Force. Using it, companies
could also set up internet fax services where print jobs could be
sent to Universal Resource Locators over the Internet at a
fraction of today's fax rates. More advanced printing features,
like pausing or redirecting print jobs would follow. The notion
is to have IPP supported on web browsers by year-end as a feature
of the HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol. IBM's claiming the
majority of the work is its own.


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