IPP> MOD - RE: The Universal Print Driver

IPP> MOD - RE: The Universal Print Driver

IPP> MOD - RE: The Universal Print Driver

Carl-Uno Manros manros at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 26 12:57:04 EDT 1997

At 09:00 PM 4/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>During the Model subgroup telecon today, the participants briefly
>touched on the concept of the "Universal Print Driver".
>Unanimous consensus was quickly reached whereby the group believes
>print driver technology should move in a direction that is both simpler
>and more powerful in terms of integration and feature support.

I hate to be a spoilsport, but I thought we had agreed to stay off this 
subject at present. I believe like many of you that this is a good and
interesting subject for the PWG to tackle.

However, from the IETF IPP point of view tackling this problem now:

1) Would mean that we are trying to extend our charter

2) Considering that we are already behind shedule and that this has shown 
   to be a rathole before, and might require substantial time and effort 
   to resolve, meaning that we would slow down progress even further on 
   what is in our charter

The only argument that I am somewhat responsive to, is that it might 
influence our model design.  If that is really true, I would prefer to
limit our discussions on this subject to things that we might need to 
think about in order to make generic print drivers possible in the
future - rather then trying to tackle the problem in its full width.

If a small group of people want to start discussing this subject among
themselves, over a private DL, they can do that and get back to the
IPP group when they believe that they have a working solution, I have
no problem with that, but I resist having IPP resources and IPP DL 
bandwidth spent on this subject right now.



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