IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Telephone Conference on April 30, 1997

IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Telephone Conference on April 30, 1997

IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Telephone Conference on April 30, 1997

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Apr 30 17:39:29 EDT 1997

Minutes from IPP Telephone Conference on April 30, 1997

Attending:	Carl-Uno Manros
		Tom Hastings
		Robert Herriot
		Scott Isaacson
		Peter Zehler
		Lee Farrell
		Jim Walker
		Jeff Copeland
		Mabry Dozier

AGENDA:	Reports from the subgroups
		Planning for San Diego
		Feedback on press release

MOD Subgroup

Scott Iaacson and Tom Hastings reported back from last week's phone
The subject of a Universal Print Driver which was raised will be given a
separate DL within the PWG, which will feed back any impact that might be
found for IPP.

Status codes have been discussed on the DL.  The current approach is to
describe semantics in the MOD docoment, while codes will be defined by the
respective PRO protocol document(s), as the latter might need to be
synchronized with the actual transfer protocol being used.

Scott is working on getting a revised Internet-Draft for MOD together,
which should be available from the IETF in time for our meeting on May 15.
This will mean having text ready by mid next week.

Scott will also send out an agenda for the May 14 meeting of the MD group
in SAn Diego.

PRO Subgroup

Discussions have been held about whether using full HTTP or subset.  It
seems to lean against using the full HTTP, but we are still waiting for the
document from Randy Turner, which should provide more detailed rational for
the choice.

Also discussions about how to use MIME, and whether to use "original" MIME
or the HTTP version of MIME specified in RFC 2068.

Steve Zilles has suggested using MIME types for all document types, which
seems to be the politically correct way to go, and is supposed trying to
contact other owners of particular document types to get them registered as
MIME types.

Carl-Uno expressed a yarning for an official Internet-Draft on the protocol.
Bob Herriot replied that on the basis of Randy Turner's new document plus
resolution of a few more of the current discussions, we should soon be in a
position to start writing it.

SEC Subgroup

Carl-Uno reported that the SEC subgroup held a phone conference last week
and Xerox is expected to come in with a document on recommended security
options.  That is still to be produced. This week's phone conference has
been cancelled.

TES Subgroup

Peter Zehler reported that there has been no activity lately.  Still
waiting for the protocol specification to firm up to a point where
prototyping becomes meaningful.

Munich meeting of the IETF

Bob Herriot warned that the meeting hotel in Munich is already full and
that people who planned to attend should start making their bookings now.
We will not know until nearer the meeting when we will get slot(s) for IPP,
but we will ask for two slots, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday
considering that we expect to have a number of documents for review in Munich.

Plans for IPP meeting in San Diego on May 15

Carl-Uno suggested that the main topic for this meeting should be on
protocol issues.  Paul Moore from Microsoft has asked for a slot to present
their latest thinking on the protocol.  Paul expects to have a document out
in time for the meeting.  Other topics that should be included in the
agenda are Security and Prototyping. Carl-Uno will send out a proposed
agenda to the DL.

PWG press release

Carl-Uno reported that the press release had been distibuted to about 50
publications on April 29.  Nobody seems to have gotten any feedback yet,
but Carl-Uno asked the group members to keep looking for press reports and
to notify the DL of any sightings.

Next IPP Phone Conference will be held the same time next week.



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