IPP> Initial discussion of the Universal Print Driver in San Diego

IPP> Initial discussion of the Universal Print Driver in San Diego

IPP> Initial discussion of the Universal Print Driver in San Diego

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Thu May 1 12:14:44 EDT 1997

Tom's recently posted Model telecon minutes had this listed near the end:

> ACTION ITEM (Jay Martin):  Prepare a discussion slide for the San Diego
> meeting about the ideal Printer driver that would be a Universal Printer
> Driver.  Such a driver would discover the capabilities of a Printer using
> IPP, display the Printer's capabilities to the user, and produce the
> required IPP to perform the user's selections.

After the telecon--but before the minutes were posted--a quick
discussion was held on the IPP list about a new UPD group, etc.
(The UPD mailing list has since been created.)

That discussion ended up with the idea of having a "dinner discussion"
in San Diego on Thursday nite, May 15.  (I am supposed to post the
results of the "call for interest" for that event tomorrow, so send me
email if you haven't already.)

According to the MOD minutes item above, I now have an action item that
involves taking some IPP meeting time.  The question is, should some
small amount of time (say, 1 hour) be carved out for such an initial
discussion, or should the "dinner discussion" approach be used?

We might be able to find some time on Friday, so as not to disturb the
very busy IPP meeting schedule.  If we use some Friday time, it'll have
to be Friday morning, since I have a flight out in mid-afternoon.

If the current subscription list for the just-created UPD mailing list
is any indication of interest, then perhaps some "official" time would
be appropriate at this point.  (Even then, we still might want to have
that "discussion dinner", perhaps to nail down exactly what is discussed
in the Friday meeting, if it's scheduled.)

Again, if you're interested in the Thursday nite dinner discussion, please
send me private email (mailto:jkm at underscore.com).


PS:  Here is the current subscription list to the UPD mailing list as of
     the date/time of this message (after only two days in existence):

    adamsc at pogo.wv.tek.com
    andrea at vividimage.com
    Angelo_Caruso at wb.xerox.com
    cjackson at Adobe.COM
    CWHITTLE at novell.com
    davidm at truespectra.com
    David_Kellerman at nls.com
    DMitchell at ti.com
    fumiona at venus.dtinet.or.jp
    gleeson at zk3.dec.com
    greg at erc.epson.com
    harald.ripa at axis.com
    harryl at us.ibm.com
    jds at underscore.com
    jeff at boulder.qms.com
    jheuer at novell.com
    jkm at underscore.com
    JRackowitz at engpo.msmailgw.intermec.com
    Keith_Carter at aussmtp.austin.ibm.com
    Lee_Farrell at cissc.canon.com
    lpyoung at lexmark.com
    mabry at rd.qms.com
    Miyasaka.Takashi at exc.epson.co.jp
    patrick_mckinley at om.cv.hp.com
    rbergma at dpc.com
    rdebry at us.ibm.com
    robk at truespectra.com
    sbeckst at dpc.com
    shimura at pure.cpdc.canon.co.jp
    tom.grav at i-data.com
    tony at vividimage.com
    verhelst at xs4all.nl
    walker at dazel.com
    YUKI at KEI-CA.CCMAIL.CompuServe.COM

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