IPP> misleading press release issued by IPP WG

IPP> misleading press release issued by IPP WG

IPP> misleading press release issued by IPP WG

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Sat May 3 16:40:35 EDT 1997


Keith, I respect your position as IETF area director. I think you are
overstepping boundaries, however, when you request the PWG modify their web
page. This is a PWG web page, not IETF. Does the IETF have difficulty accepting
that industry consortia may exist who wish to seek charter for various
projects, some that fall under jurisdiction of the IETF? Does the IETF mandate
that another organization relinquish it's identity when it interfaces with the
IETF? What purpose would this have?

Please recognize that IPP is a project within the PWG as well as a charter
within the IETF.

I know it probably doesn't matter, but I seem to recall member companies being
quoted in press during creation of the Printer MIB while we were chartered with
the IETF. Past mistakes should not be used to set precedence, but, perhaps this
is why Don felt it was ok to mention the companies.

By the way, can you explain the reasoning behind a policy that accommodates the
Company Name for the author of an Internet Draft, yet prohibits the calling out
of companies participating in a sanctioned standards seeking work effort?

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

------ Forwarded by Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM on 05/03/97 02:19 PM -------

>The IPP WG is hereby directed to issue a correction to its earlier
>press release, to be sent to the same contacts as the original press
>release, which clearly explains that IETF participants are individuals
>rather than vendor representatives.

>The WG is further directed to change its web pages and ftp site so
>that any mention of vendor participation in the IPP WG or IETF is
>changed to refer to individual participation only.

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