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IPP> [Fwd: Re: Template for Masinter-form]

IPP> [Fwd: Re: Template for Masinter-form]

Larry Masinter masinter at parc.xerox.com
Wed May 7 11:30:27 EDT 1997

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If you want to use multipart/form-data, it's apparently
destined for standards track.


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  The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft "Returning Values from Forms:  
  multipart/form-data" <draft-masinter-form-data-00.txt> as a Proposed 
  Standard.  The IESG contact person is Harald Alvestrand and Keith Moore.
Technical Summary
   This specification defines an Internet Media Type,
   Its intended use is as a way of returning a set of values as the result
   of a user filling out a form. Typical applications include form values
   generated by HTML forms and submitted by HTTP post or by electronic mail,
   but the format is independent of those contexts. The definition
   of multipart/form-data is derived from its original definition
   in RFC 1867, which was Experimental.
Working Group Summary
  No basic objections have been raised.
  Alternative methods have been suggested, but have not been
  written up, so alternative technology does not exist at the moment.
Protocol Quality
 The spec has been reviewed for the IESG by Harald T. Alvestrand
 There are implementations; see the URL
 ftp://ftp.parc.xerox.com/pub/masinter/file-upload-impl.txt for details.



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