IPP> TES> Prototype Status

IPP> TES> Prototype Status

IPP> TES> Prototype Status

Peter Zehler pzehler at ocp.mc.xerox.com
Fri May 9 14:11:19 EDT 1997

I've noticed that I have a time slot to report on the state of the =
prototype group at the San Diego meeting.  I've made a few phone calls =
to try and get some idea of what should be reported.  Everyone I talk to =
seems to agree.  The status is: "what do you mean?"
The prototype and testing group has nothing to test or prototype until =
there is a concrete proposal for the object model and protocol.  =
Everyone I have talked to still intends to build a prototype.  Time =
estimates would just be a shot in the dark at this time.  The range I =
got was from 1 to 3 months.
I was curious about the various companies capacity to contribute to any =
proof of concept or architectural verification work that might be needed =
by the IPP group.  The lukewarm answers was that we might be able to =
take on something.  The specific response was a request for =
clarification of the proof of concept work.

As of yet the TES group has not been asked to do anything specific.  If =
I have missed something I would like to know about it. =20

I have asked some basic questions about the capacity of the TES group to =
respond to any requests from the other IPP subgroups.=20
1) What resources are available to work on proof of concept work?  The =
answer to this question really depends on the task at hand and the =
expertise of the people available.  This will have to be answered as =
issues are passed onto the TES group.
2) What is your capacity to produce a prototype?  I was curious here =
about how long after the specification of IPP will we be ready to show =
something.  The answer here depends on where IPP ends up.  The common =
answer was from 1 to 3 months.  The prototypes range from embedding IPP =
in a low-end network printer to a gateway to a full blown DPA like print =

My questions to the group and its chairs:  Is there anything specific =
you need to know?  Are there any general areas that you need explored?

By the way...the TES group has no open issues at this time.  Then again =
it has no closed issues either.


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