IPP>MOD - Multiple documents per job

IPP>MOD - Multiple documents per job

IPP>MOD - Multiple documents per job

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon May 12 16:12:39 EDT 1997

I am proposing a mechanism that is similar to what PDF and PostScript use
when a value cannot be computed until later in a job. 

If a client does not know the value of some attribute when it is
performing the CreateJob operation, it includes the attribute, but
sets its value to "forward". This lets the server know that the client
is specifying the information and to expect the
information later. Some servers will not be able to handle certain
attributes later.  It may be that "forward" needs to be more 
specific, namely "before document" "after document" or "end of job".

For example, the number-of-documents may be "forward, end-of-job"
because the client doesn't know until the entire job is submitted.

I don't want to propose a general mechanism at this time, but I
wonder if you could ask the people who didn't want to specify everything
up front to be more specific about what they could specify up front
and what they could not.  Also, ask them when they would be able
to specify the information: before-the-document, after-the-document, or
end-of-job? I would hope that the list of items
that have to wait is small. 

Bob Herriot

> From rdebry at us.ibm.com Mon May 12 12:55:19 1997
> Can you say more ... I'm not clear on exactly
> what you are proposing?
> To: Roger K Debry/Boulder/IBM, ipp @ pwg.org @ internet
> cc:
> Subject: Re: IPP>MOD - Multiple documents per job
> Perhaps the fall back position is that all attributes are up front
> in Create Jobs, and that an allowed value is "forward".  Then
> a server knows that if the job has no forward values, it knows
> all it needs to know about the job in advance.
> > From rdebry at us.ibm.com Mon May 12 07:23:05 1997
> >
> > I polled our operating systems on the proposal to handle
> > multiple document jobs by carrying all of the document
> > attributes for each document up front in the Create Jobs.
> >
> > The response was nearly unanimous that this is too difficult
> > for existing printing systems to comply with.
> >
> > Roger K deBry
> > Senior Techncial Staff Member
> > Architecture and Technology
> > IBM Printing Systems
> > email: rdebry at us.ibm.com
> > phone: 1-303-924-4080
> >

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