IPP> RE: Multiple documents per job

IPP> RE: Multiple documents per job

IPP> RE: Multiple documents per job

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Wed May 14 09:08:06 EDT 1997

I agree.   Thanks Randy for helping us keep focused on simplification.

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> From rturner at sharplabs.com Tue May 13 08:20:48 1997

> Can we not just include in the CreateJob operation, the default
> attributes for the job, then when we actually send the job data,
> use entity headers per document to possibly override the defaults?
> Maybe I'm oversimplifying the problem,it seems simple to me.
> Randy

That's what we started with. As proposals get more complicated
to solve problems that may not be very important, I suggest we
go back to Randy suggests.

Bob Herriot

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