IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Documents for the IETF

IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Documents for the IETF

IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Documents for the IETF

Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no
Thu May 22 03:16:35 EDT 1997

in your message, you give a total of seven documents:

IPP Model and Semantics
IPP Security
IPP Directory Schema
IPP Encoding of Operations
Profile for running IPP over HTTP 1.1
Internet Printing Requirements
Mappings between IPP and RFC 1179

At the moment there are 3 internet-drafts in the I-D store:


None of these have been updated since Memphis.
I really can't tell whether you have the right set of documents
unless you have some documents; the organization of these documents
is in fact less important than their content.

(And no, PDF-format documents on a non-IETF fileserver are NOT
considered WG documents available for public review!)

About the HTTP issue:
You got serious pushback in Memphis, and not only from us, that basing
IPP on HTTP was going to get you into trouble that you could avoid by
doing a "core" protocol and a "gateway from HTTP to IPP" rather than
doing straight "IPP over HTTP".
I think you are choosing a course that will seriously hamper the
future deployment and utilization of the IPP protocol, for reasons
that have much to do with marketing/politics and little to do with
sound engineering.
That is Not a Good Thing; you will probably require at least a
document called "Why We Shot Ourselves In The Foot With HTTP" or
equivalent, giving the *engineering* justifications for the choice.

               Harald A

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