Yasunari Kitagaki kita at mol.minolta.co.jp
Fri May 23 03:15:48 EDT 1997

I have some comments.

>First, the URL:
>Using Windows, I trust that applications register the URIs they can handle,
>Netscap register ftp:// and http://, our Directory Browser register LDAP://
>I would like my Internet Printing application to register IPP:// so that
>Windows can hand it all print jobs.
First I address the proxy/firewall problem. Most current proxy/firewall
have no knowlege of the "IPP" sheme. 
 To print over firewall, "ipp://" not practical.

>And yes, you need to define a STRUCTURAL object Class printer with a new
>OID. It should probably be a subclass of device.
>Then BNF for the attributes, and assigned OIDs are more important than the
>API used to initialize the object.
I agree this point. 
But attribute syntax should be simple for simple implementation, I think.

>As for security, the IETF-ASID group is just now specifying to how to use
>TLS with LDAP (a one port solution), this may be suited for IPP.
IETF-ASID  group is specifying the LDAP v3 related topic.
Current version of LDAP does't need to assign OID, but from v3 draft, I
guess assigning OID is requred. X.500/LDAP mapping should work with
IETF-ASID group.

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