IPP> PRO - Using a new scheme for IPP protocol handling

IPP> PRO - Using a new scheme for IPP protocol handling

IPP> PRO - Using a new scheme for IPP protocol handling

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri May 23 12:28:00 EDT 1997


You raise a very interesting point here:

> > >Using Windows, I trust that applications register the URIs they can hand=
> le,
> > >Netscap register ftp:// and http://, our Directory Browser register LDAP=
> ://
> > >etc.
> > >I would like my Internet Printing application to register IPP:// so that
> > >Windows can hand it all print jobs.
> > >
> > First I address the proxy/firewall problem. Most current proxy/firewall
> > have no knowlege of the "IPP" sheme.
> >  To print over firewall, "ipp://" not practical.
> It should be easy to enable another protocol through the firewall
> (using another port), an intelligent firewall may descide to block
> printing anyhow, because the actual protocol used is ipp, not http. If
> the ipp protocol is as successful as I expect it to be, most firewalls
> will come pre-configured to handle this anyway.

Paul Moore (Microsoft) stated in the San Diego IPP Protocol meeting that
he firmly believes that a totally new protocol should be developed if we
_really_ want to provide a higher level of network printing capability.
He then went on to say (in my words) that if the IPP group really insists
on using HTTP for job submission, then fine, just keep it very, very simple
(hence, the SWP proposal from Microsoft/HP).

I agree with Paul entirely, that a new protocol is necessary to provide
the kinds of capabilities we all envision for using and managing network
printing services.  I had hoped the IPP group would have chosen a path
whereby a new protocol would be developed, then mapped to a new URI scheme
that would be supported by future versions of web browsers, etc.

If the IPP effort is really going to take hold in the general marketplace
(and I believe everyone in the IPP believes this is true), then why wouldn't
the web browser vendors (and firewall vendors, etc) immediately adopt
support for such a new scheme?

Just some thoughts.


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