IPP> MOD - new model document (QUESTION on Job Template

IPP> MOD - new model document (QUESTION on Job Template

IPP> MOD - new model document (QUESTION on Job Template

Don Fullman fullman at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue May 27 14:55:33 EDT 1997

Scott, et. al.,

Shouldn't the following Job Template attributes for the Printer Object be
"setOf" or "1setOf"?
-  job-hold-until-available
-  number-up-supported
-  number-up-available
-  sides-supported
-  sides-available
-  printer-resolution-available
-  print-quality-available
-  compression-supported
Many of these were multi-valued in the March 26th version.  Why would these
be single-valued?  One possible reason might be that a printer may not be
able to have more than one value ready at the same time, but that doesn't
seem to apply to any of the attributes above.  It seems to me that any
xxx-available and xxx-supported attribute could all be multi-valued.

Oh,  by the way, I found a few typos that you might be interested in
(listed below).


Don Fullman

-  Throughout both the TOC and the text, xxx-available and xxx-supported
attributes have an extra <space> character in the name -- I'm sure a result
of cut and paste.
-  Line 220 contains "xxx" instead of "print-quality".
-  Line 1607 (** and other locations, too! **) states for the xxx-available
attribute that the Printer shall NOT implement the available attribute. 
-  Line 1331, "newly create" should be "newly created".
-  "pecific" on line 1488
-  "both both" on line 1514
-  Line 2033 refers to the "held" job state which is no longer a state in
subclause  (or it should be listed in subclause 
At 01:16 AM 5/11/97 PDT, Scott Isaacson wrote:
>I have posted a new model document at
>The .doc file is really a RTF file so I hope it is not infected with the
>concept virus.
>I will try to post the text version soon - the generic/text driver is
>crashing my machine.
>The pdf with line numbers is the document we will be reveiwing on Wed.

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