IPP> Separation of PWG and IETF activities

IPP> Separation of PWG and IETF activities

IPP> Separation of PWG and IETF activities

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Wed May 28 12:06:42 EDT 1997

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To:       pwg at pwg.org, PMP at pwg.org, JMP at pwg.org, ipp at pwg.org, P1394 at pwg.org
From:     Don Wright @ LEXMARK at LEXMTA
Date:     05/28/97 12:06:42 PM
Subject:  Separation of PWG and IETF activities

Through the course of the last few weeks, there have been
a number of cases where the activities of the PWG and the
IETF have been confused.  In order to clearly separate the
two, I think the following needs to happen:

1) We need to add a disclaimer to the PWG home page clearly

    The contents of these WEB pages reflect work done by
    the people of the Printer Working Group which may or
    may not be submitted to the IETF, IEEE or other standards
    organizations.  Official IETF, IEEE, or other standards
    organization documents, if available, will be found on
    their WEB page, FTP server or other service.

2) We need to clearly separate PWG administrative e-mail from
   IETF working groups technical and administrative e-mail.
   Therefore, according to my understanding, since meetings
   of the PWG are not "official" IETF activities, all future
   PWG meeting notices will ONLY be sent to the PWG mailing
   list and not to the PMP, JMP, or IPP lists.  In contrast,
   the IEEE does sanction the regular meetings of a working
   group.  Since the 1394 printing effort is a study group
   and hopefully soon an official working group, a more
   liberal policy will be applied to the P1394 mailing list.

   I am not sure how to handle the notices of meeting minutes
   but my first pass at it says that PWG meeting minutes
   for IPP, JMP and PMP should not be posted or acknowledged
   on these lists.  (If a meeting "didn't happen" how can
   minutes exist?)  Am I going too far?
To insure the broadest possible distribution, I have posted
this message to all the appropriate mailing lists and I
encourage a BRIEF discussion of this proposal but ONLY on
the PWG mailing list.



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