IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 2 18:07:54 EDT 1997

I am confused by the notation used in this discussion:

>The states are:

> pending
> pending-stopped
> processing
> processing-stopped
> done-aborted
> done-canceled
> done-completed

>I suggest changing the last three states to

>  completed
>  completed-canceled
>  completed-abort

I understand PENDING, PROCESSING and COMPLETED states. I thought I was
following a thread, somewhere, that PENDING-STOPPED was another way to say HELD
and PROCESSING-STOPPED was another way to say NEEDS ATTENTION. Is this what is
going on... just some renaming? Or do the "dashes" in these names indicate
separation between a state and a reason?

I agree with Bob's recommendations, above, to stick with Completed rather than
Done. Why change? And, for that matter, why not keep HELD and NEEDS ATTENTION?
What are we gaining. I find these discussions frequently go down the "generic
language" path until the labels we choose are so vague that, rather than risk
misinterpretation, the names end up meaning very little at all.

Harry Lewis

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