JMP> Re: IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

JMP> Re: IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

JMP> Re: IPP> MOD JobState suggestion

JK Martin jkm at
Mon Jun 2 18:35:54 EDT 1997

I guess I'm a bit disappointed that we elected to not do the "elegant"
thing and simply have 3 states (pending, processing, done), then use
a set defined of substates to describe refinements of those states.

A rare chance to do something that is both elegant *and* simple.


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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 15:23:22 -0700
From: Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM (Robert Herriot)
To: ipp at, harryl at
Subject: Re: JMP> Re: IPP> MOD JobState suggestion
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In one sense we have just renamed some states: held to pending-stopped
and needs-attention to processing-stopped.  But the renaming regularizes
the names to give the impression that there are 3 high level states
of pending, processing and completed and 4 additional variant of those
states.  These regularized states allow us to have other attributes
that draw from these names, e.g. time-since-pending time-since-processing
and time-since-completed. It also allows the addition of other states,
such as completed-with-errors.

Bob Herriot

> From harryl at Mon Jun  2 15:09:05 1997
> I am confused by the notation used in this discussion:
> >The states are:
> > pending
> > pending-stopped
> > processing
> > processing-stopped
> > done-aborted
> > done-canceled
> > done-completed
> >I suggest changing the last three states to
> >  completed
> >  completed-canceled
> >  completed-abort
> I understand PENDING, PROCESSING and COMPLETED states. I thought I was
> following a thread, somewhere, that PENDING-STOPPED was another way to say HELD
> and PROCESSING-STOPPED was another way to say NEEDS ATTENTION. Is this what is
> going on... just some renaming? Or do the "dashes" in these names indicate
> separation between a state and a reason?
> I agree with Bob's recommendations, above, to stick with Completed rather than
> Done. Why change? And, for that matter, why not keep HELD and NEEDS ATTENTION?
> What are we gaining. I find these discussions frequently go down the "generic
> language" path until the labels we choose are so vague that, rather than risk
> misinterpretation, the names end up meaning very little at all.
> Harry Lewis

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