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Tue Jun 3 09:52:56 EDT 1997

Hi Tom,

Note that the POSIX.2 usage of 'need not' as the inverse of 'may'
is now ubiquitous in new ISO and IEEE communications standards.

- Ira McDonald (outside consultant at Xerox)
  High North Inc

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  POSIX [and capatalizing conformance words]
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Scott Bradner replied to my query, but I missed it, on NEED NOT and 
capitalizing the conformance words.


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>Subject: Re: "NEED NOT" is a better negative than "MAY NOT" - from POSIX
>	"need not" would be a good addition.  If this rfc comes
>up for revision I will add that.
>> Also, are you recommending that we capitalize the words?
>there was quite a bit of argument on that.  I think it helps the reader
>quite a bit but some other people felt that we did not even
>need the rfc since the words should mean what they mean.  The compromise
>was to just say that the "may" be capitalized.

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