IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jun 4 14:26:22 EDT 1997

At 10:00 AM 6/4/97 PDT, Stephen Holmstead wrote:
>Print by reference is REALLY tough for the printer to do.  Up until this 
>point, the printer only had to do http server capabilities (which can be 
>implemented fairly easily).  However, print by reference now would require 
>the printer to implement http client capabilities (which is HUGE!!, not to 
>mention how unstable the client features are and the fact that the printer 
>most likely won't ever have a flash upgrade).  What about all of the 
>embedded graphics files (gif, jpeg, pcx, tiff, etc.)?  Does the printer 
>have to have code to convert all of these to printable output?  What about 
>other files (.doc, .prz, .ppt, .xls, .mov, .avi, .pdf, etc.)?  Does the 
>printer have to have code to handle all of these?  What about plug-ins and 
>applets?  Does the printer have to have a Java Virtual Machine to run Java 
>applets?  The client (i.e. Browser) is quite large and has too many 
>features to be able to support by a printer.
>I have to strongly protest print by reference as it causes the requirement 
>load on the printer to skyrocket.
>Stephen Holmstead
>Hewlett Packard Internet Solutions Operation
>stephen_holmstead at hp.com


an assumed restriction in the use of print-by-reference is that it would
initially only support the retrieval of documents in print ready formats,
such as Postscript or other PDL. Also, like most other features in IPP, a
particular printer does not have to support this functionality. However,
there is an increasing demand for this feature, (for example in print on
demand scenarios) so we certainly want to keep the option in the
specification, for people who may want to implement it. The most likely
protocol for the actual retrieval is more likely to be FTP rather than
HTTP, but we do not see a good reason to put any restrictions in the
standard for this.  Does this help you?


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