IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

Michael E. Gaines starman at powerpage.com
Wed Jun 4 15:01:26 EDT 1997

> At 10:00 AM 6/4/97 PDT, Stephen Holmstead wrote:
>However, print by reference now would require
>the printer to implement http client capabilities (which is HUGE!!,
>not to mention how unstable the client features are and the fact that
>the printer most likely won't ever have a flash upgrade).

Why not? If the flash upgrade is kept to a DIFF-type of upgrade, it
could work just fine.

>What about all of the embedded graphics files (gif, jpeg, pcx, tiff,
>etc.)?  Does the printer have to have code to convert all of these to 
>printable output?

Absolutely! Having these interpreters in the printer is required if the
printer is expected to print HTML pages. Some of the lesser known image
types can be avoided. I don't think there are too many documents out
there with Atari ST Degas pictures on them :).

>What about other files (.doc, .prz, .ppt, .xls, .mov, .avi, .pdf, 
>etc.)?  Does the printer have to have code to handle all of these?  

Not unless you can watch movies on a piece of paper :)
Seriously, there are some data types that shouldn't HAVE to be printed.
That's the whole point of a PDF file (which should be handled).

>What about plug-ins and applets?  Does the printer have to have a Java 
>Virtual Machine to run Java applets?

I'm still waiting for something to show that Java is nothing more than
hype at this point anyway.

>I have to strongly protest print by reference as it causes the 
>requirement load on the printer to skyrocket.

I can't disagree with you there, but it's an unfortunate requirement at
this point. What SHOULD happen is a common data model...but we all know
what kind of a pipe dream that is. If IPP takes off, then I believe
responsible web masters will place data on pages in a format that will
be suited for IPP devices and all will be well.

Mike Gaines
Internet Imaging Manager
Pipeline Assoc. Inc.
starman at powerpage.com

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