IPP> printer-resolution standard values retrograded

IPP> printer-resolution standard values retrograded

IPP> printer-resolution standard values retrograded

Stan McConnell stanmcc at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Jun 5 15:05:21 EDT 1997

I have a couple of comments about printer-resolution.

1. The list is missing the multiples of 360 that are in fairly common use
in ink-jet printers.  And most of these printers, if not all, can have a
2-dimensional resolution, e.g., 360x720, ... , 720x1440, 1440x1440.  So the
list needs to be expanded to cover these.

2. Given the potentially large list of 2d values, there is an mxn problem
here, in addition to the need to register every new value with IANA.  It
seems more straightforward to simply replace the printer-resolution
attribute with two attributes, printer-x-resolution and
printer-y-resolution, each having an integer type which encodes the actual
resolution value.  Then there is no need to register the values.

We made the mistake in DPA of having only a single value to encode printer
resolution.  I have submitted a defect report to ISO to correct the
problem, and I hope IPP will fix the problem as well.

At 08:38 AM 6/5/97 PDT, Tom Hastings wrote:
>The 970512.doc had the following for printer-resolution, but the
>latest I-D 970603 has reverted to earlier text that didn't have any standard
>values listed.
>Did any other attributes retrograde?
>6.2.12	printer-resolution (type2 keyword)
>This job attribute specifies the resolution that the Printer should use.
>The values are type2 keywords which represent single integers or pair of
>integers. The latter are to specify the resolution when the x and y
>dimensions differ. When two integers are specified, the first is in the x
>direction, i.e., in the direction of the shortest dimension of the medium,
>so that the value is independent of whether the printer feeds long edge or
>short edge first.
>The standard values are:

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