IPP> Conference Calls

IPP> Conference Calls

IPP> Conference Calls

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Thu Jun 5 16:42:45 EDT 1997

To:       ipp at pwg.org
From:     Don Wright @ LEXMARK at LEXMTA
Date:     06/05/97 04:42:45 PM
Subject:  Conference Calls

Here's the details on the conference calls for June 11th
and June 18th.  The dial-in number and access code are the
same for both calls.  Note: this is a new dial-in number
but the access code is the same as always.  It seems that
AT&T is going to a new system so all the dial-in numbers
are changing.

Date:         June 11th, June 18th
Number:       1-423-523-7162
Time:         4PM EDT (1PM PDT)
Callers:      20 caller limit
Access Code:  190148

Have fun during my absence!!


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