IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

IPP>PRO - Print by reference

Randy Turner rturner at sharplabs.com
Thu Jun 5 17:38:29 EDT 1997

If someone makes a document publically available, then the author or
person responsible
for publishing this document as 'public' will make sure that it is in a
form that is generalized
in PDL (postscript, pcl, etc.) to print on the widest possible variety
of devices.

This is no different than what alot of document houses and computer
systems vendors are
doing by delivering alot of their document in postscript format on
CDROM. While its true
someone could generate a document using a printer driver with very odd
characteristics, but
if the author was truly interested in making this a public document, I
doubt whether this would
be the avenue that the author would choose for publication.


THERESA_RHOADES at HP-Boise-om8.om.hp.com wrote:

>      Carl,
>      On 6/5/97 you wrote:
>      >>an assumed restriction in the use of print-by-reference is that
> it
>      would initially only support the retrieval of documents in print
> ready
>      formats, such as Postscript or other PDL.
>      What kind of driver requirements will this place on the source?
> The
>      document provider will need to provide documents in every "print
>      ready" format that may exist at that time- PostScript, PCL,
>      PDF, to name a few, and it will need to do this for every printer
>      because as we know, practially every printer has a different
> print
>      region, orientation, color space, etc. for which the specific PDL
> file
>      will need to be formatted.  This is basically why every printer
> has
>      it's own driver or PPD file in the first place.  If the owner of
> the
>      document is concerned about the fidelity of the document with
> which
>      they are trying to communicate information, this will place the
> burden
>      on them for determining what and how many print drivers they will
> need
>      to use.
>      This is a somewhat exaggerated example but either way, it seems
> the
>      requirement load for print by reference is going to have to
> increase
>      (and potentially skyrocket) somewhere, either on the printer, or
> on
>      the document provider.
>      Theresa Rhoades
>      Hewlett-Packard, Internet Solutions Operation
>      theresa_rhoades at hp.com

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