IPP> Re: draft-mutz-http-attributes-02.txt

IPP> Re: draft-mutz-http-attributes-02.txt

IPP> Re: draft-mutz-http-attributes-02.txt

Andy Mutz mutz at hplumen.cup.hp.com
Fri Jun 6 12:35:42 EDT 1997

Neil Joffe wrote:
> At 07:01 PM 6/5/97 PDT, Andy Mutz wrote:
> >I prefer not burdening all apps with 2 resolution numbers when most
> >use square resolutions.
> >
> >Once way around this:  Specify "res" to mean horizontal resolution and
> >add "res-vert" to indicate vertical resolution.
> OK or res-x, res-y
> so that we have pix-x, pix-y, res-x, res-y

I'm satisfied either way; the point was to clarify which res
(x or y) to use for square resolutions to avoid having to 
negotiate over both.   This precedence seems clearer with res
and res-y than with res-x and res-y.  Comments?

> >
> >If only res is indicated, then a client could assume square pixels.
> >
> >I think this is sufficiently straightfoward.  Comment?
> OK.
> btw, there is a slightly different isssue with fax: pix-x will be specified,
> but pix-y may not. In this case, you cannot assume pix-y and pix-x are
> equal. Many fax machines are designed to scale the image if you send them
> images longer than the page they are printing on.

This is an unrelated issue, but I understand.  Since each feature is
independently negotiated, there is no problem specifying available
values of pix-x and not specifying pix-y. 


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