IPP> MOD - 6/6 telecon minutes

IPP> MOD - 6/6 telecon minutes

IPP> MOD - 6/6 telecon minutes

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Fri Jun 6 18:16:11 EDT 1997

There was a Model group telecon held 6/6/97.

2-4 pm Mountain
code: 346463

Bob H.
Scott I.
Tom H.
Carl-Uno M.
Jay M.
Peter Z.

Note taker: Scott I.


1. Seems to finally be consensus on job-state and job-state-reasons.  Tom
will do the final write up for IPP model and JMP MIB.
- Make job-state-reasons optional
- Make job-state values as defined in recent e-mails (see Tom's write up)
- Keep names like pending-held, processing-stopped as keywords
in the model doc, but programs can put up any UI strings as they see fit
(Angelo's email seemed like what a reasonable UI would do).
- Make all job-state-reason values purely optional and just describe the
semantics of the keyword, don't force a relationship with a given state.

2,  Keep attributes in the Model document.  Move lengthy lists of values for
some of the attributes to an appendix (makes the text flow better).

2.5  Discussed and agreed that the Model needs to be concise and straight
forward.  We need to focus on model concepts more that nit-picky IFs, ANDs,
BUTs, SHALLs, etc. at this point.  Lengthy issue-after-issue-after-issue
one more trivial items causes the working group participants to loose
and diminishes participation.

2.6  Reviewed differences between SWP model and IPP model.  Differences
are summarized by Jay M in an email on the discussion list.  Scott added
there are some fairly straightforward "supported" type attributes that could
be added to not force multiple conformance levels.  This is a specific
on what Carl-Uno has been suggesting (stapling supported analogy).
Discussed possible need "multi valued supported" attributes for
operations and print-by-reference schemes....   Seemed like it could
grow in this direction as needed later, for now a simple boolean ought to
suffice.  Print by reference could be scaled down to just HTTP URLs.

3. Please look at sections 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 on "implements" and "supports" . 
Any help here would be greatly appreciated (by the editor)

4. Bob H to look at rewritting section 4.5.2 as needed

5. Need to remove all "ignored attributes" response parameters and
remove the idea that a Printer ignores unimplemented/unsupported attributes
that come across in a create request.  This conflicts with SWP.

6. talks of "ignored attributes", "unsupported attributes" and "bad
attributes"  This will change to just "unsupported attributes" and
attribute values"  (both being a list of attributes names)

7. Reference RFC 1766 when defining "locale" syntax type (this includes
both language and country EN-US)  Character set is UTF-8 across the board.

8.  For dateTime reference RFC 1123 (updating 822) which is referenced by

9. Remove the attribute "printer-speed".  This allows us to remove the
attribute syntax "integerUnits".

10. Remove all notion of "xxx-available".

11. Change the syntax of "output-device-assigned" from uri to name

12.  Clarify that type 4 keyword can be extended using any of the
mechanisms described for type 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Type 3 can use type 1, 2, or
3 registration mechanism, but not type 4.  That is if someone wants to
a type 4 keyword set attribute, they can lobby to rev the standard (type 1),
have PWG recognize it (type 2), have IANA simply register it, or add it to
their sites set of accepted values.  Clarify that type 4 includes almost
anyone and is not restricted to just SAs.

13. printer-state-reasons also goes to optional.  Allow for -error,
-warning, or
-report to be added to any of the standard keywords.  If missing, assume

14. keep make-and-model as a single attribute (text) supports
search etc.

15. Section 7 still need lots of work.  Section 7.2:  No, there are no
mandatory attributes in a create request.

16.  Remove the change history from the Model document.  It would be nice
to keep this in a separate doc online, but there is no guarantees from the
editor that this will happen

15.  Ended at 3:30 Mountain time.  Note taker's personal observation:  Very
good meeting.  Model has finally stablized!!  There are some tweeks yet,
but good solid foundation.


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