IPP>MOD - Print by reference

IPP>MOD - Print by reference

IPP>MOD - Print by reference

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Wed Jun 11 10:03:13 EDT 1997

I have been listening to this discussion for a long time and I recognize
need for a human being to be able to print by reference.  This function can
be easily provided with HTML, etc on a Web page hosted by an IPP print
server (actually IPP is not even needed for this solution.)  Is the need as
pressing for this to be done programmatically?  The bottom line is can this
function be provided outside the scope of the IPP protocol?  If the
programmatic need is strong, is it sufficient to standardize the way this
done with HTML so that once the URL of a print by reference page is
know, a print by reference job can be submitted to it under program

This could just be part of a multi-pronged standard approach.  Instead of
defining an all encompassing IPP standard, maybe we should
look at this from a difference perspective.  Do we really need:

1) An IPP Job Submission protocol
2) An IPP Print by Reference standard
3) An IPP Job Management protocol
4) An IPP Print Capability Discovery protocol
etc, etc, etc.

I know "compliance levels" and print by reference are not strictly related
but I would like to be able to define all these functions in a standard
way without requiring "compliance levels" or burdening the lowest
implementation with too much baggage.

... all right... fire away!!


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