IPP> SEC & MOD - Get-Attributes operation

IPP> SEC & MOD - Get-Attributes operation

IPP> SEC & MOD - Get-Attributes operation

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Thu Jun 12 17:40:10 EDT 1997

I agree entirely with the need to have separate "Get Attributes"
operations for Job(s) and Printer, particularly given security


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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 14:22:07 PDT
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Subject: IPP> SEC & MOD - Get-Attributes operation

We have just finished our SEC conference call for today and feel confident
that we now have all the important stuff that we expect to provide in the
document and will issue a new I-D shortly.  We expect to discuss with the
Protocol group on Tuesday, what they might still need from us to go into
their document.

One issue that came up, was related to the Get-Attributes operation.

It is quite possible that a particular Job on a printer has different
security requirements than getting information about the Printer itself.
The Job security level is often determined by the job owner, while the
Printer security level is determined by the printer administrator.

This seems to be a good reason to split up the Get-Attributes into a
Get-Job-Attributes and a Get-Printer-Attributes operation. 
(Remember we created two new ones yesterday, so we are on the roll here :-)

I know that we have had this kind of discussion previously, but this is a
new argument that has now come up in support of making a split.  

As far as I can remember from last time we discussed this, there are
situations in which you want to get back both Printer attributes and Job
attributes in a response (e.g. printer status, when you ask about job
status), but is that really a strong enough reason to only have one
Get-Attributes operation, or should we rather consider making some special
rules for things like status information?



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