IPP> create job IPP operation

IPP> create job IPP operation

IPP> create job IPP operation

Randy Turner rturner at sharplabs.com
Thu Jun 12 20:10:42 EDT 1997

In our current document we have a CREATE-JOB operation that specifies up
how many documents we have. Is this an unrealistic requirement for
future IPP
clients (or drivers) ? Will they always know how many documents are
coming when
they first do the CREATE-JOB?

My feeling is that the clients might not know how many documents will be
sent, and
if that is the case, we need a mechanism for SEND-DOCUMENT to indicate
the server that this is the last document for the job. There are at
least 3 ways to do
this off the top of my head:

1. Have a specific SEND-DOCUMENT attribute or parameter that flags a
    request as the last document for the job.

2. Since we are using HTTP 1.1 with persistent connections, just close
the TCP
    connection from client to host indicating the end of the job stream
(or last document).

3. Have another IPP operation called END-JOB or CLOSE-JOB that
    encapsulates the job stream within a CREATE-JOB/END-JOB pair.



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