IPP> MOD/PRO - What are MIME types for IPP document-format

IPP> MOD/PRO - What are MIME types for IPP document-format

IPP> MOD/PRO - What are MIME types for IPP document-format

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Jun 16 20:02:06 EDT 1997

I went to IANA to see what MIME types are registered, since IPP Model
and Protocol are considering using the "MIME types", instead of
the Printer MIB assigned enums for the values of the document-format

I'd like to discuss this tommorrow at the IPP Protocol meeting.

What I found was the following under "Media Types":

The "media-types" directory contains a subdirectory for each content
type and each of those directories contains a file for each content


   URL = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types

The three registered media types that seem of interest to IPP 
that have some corresondence to the Printer MIB enum registry (also
kept by IANA as printer-languages) are:


Even though pdf doesn't have an IANA printer-language enum assignment
(no Printer MIB PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC).

So I went to each of the sub-directories for the 3 above to find out
about them:

application/postscript had the following:

See RFC 1341.

application/vnd.hp-PCL had the following:

To: "'IANA at isi.edu'" <IANA at isi.edu>
Subject: Registration of new MIME content-type/subtype
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 16:09:03 -0700

      MIME type name: application

      MIME subtype name: vnd.hp-PCL

      Required parameters: none

      Optional parameters: none

      Encoding considerations: PCL files may contain long lines or binary data 
        such as images and should be encoded using Content-Transfer-Encoding: 

      Security considerations: Delivery of this format to a printer 
        which is not capable of parsing the format may result in poor 
        printer behavior.

      Published specification:
        PCL-PJL Technical Reference Manual Documentation Package
        HP Part No. 5012-0330

      Company Contact:
        Customer Service Center
        Hewlett-Packard Co.

application/pdf had the following:

To: postel at ISI.EDU
Cc: szilles at mv.us.adobe.com
Subject: Registration of MIME type: application/pdf
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 1994 15:56:11 PDT
From: "Steve Zilles" <szilles at mv.us.adobe.com>

To:  IANA at isi.edu
Subject:  Registration of new MIME content-type/subtype

      MIME type name: application

      (If the above is not an existing top-level MIME type,
      please explain why an existing type cannot be used.)

      MIME subtype name: pdf

        A Content-Type of "application/pdf" indicates a document in
        Portable Document Format.  Currently  there are two variants of
        the PDF language: the original level 1 variant is described
        in [PDF] and the more recent level 1.1 variant is described
        in an Adobe Systems Application Note that is an addendum to [PDF].

      Required parameters: none

      Optional parameters: none

      Encoding considerations: PDF files may contain binary data (either
        in strings or in streams (which are used to represent images
        among other things).

      Security considerations:
        There are two levels of viewer for PDF files: The first level of
        viewer is completely self contained and is capable of displaying
        or printing the PDF file and maybe capable of changing the file
        and writing out a revised file. (Here "file" stands for the MIME
        content portion that is in PDF form.) The second level of viewer
        is capable of supporting plug-in modules that extend the
        functionality of the viewer and may be able to perform any
        operation that is legal in the process/thread in which the
        viewer is running.  Message-sending software should not make use
        of arbitrary plug-ins; they are likely to be missing from
        some implementations. Message-receiving and -displaying software
        should make sure that any nonstandard viewer plug-ins are
        secure and don't present any kind of threat.

      Published specification:

        [PDF](Version 1.0): Portable Document Format Reference Manual,
        Adobe Systems, Inc, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. ISBN
        0-201-62628-4, 1993.

        Version 1.1: An Adobe Systems, Inc Technical Note

      (The published specification must be an Internet RFC or
      RFC-to-be if a new top-level type is being defined, and
      must be a publicly available specification in any

      Person & email address to contact for further information:

        Tim Bienz 
        Adobe System Inc.
        1585 Charleston Rd.
        Mountain View, CA 94039-7900
        tbienz at adobe.com
        Stephen Zilles
        Adobe System Inc.
        1585 Charleston Rd.
        Mountain View, CA 94039-7900
        szilles at adobe.com


Here is the file media-types which is all of the media types:


[RFC1521] specifies that Content Types, Content Subtypes, Character
Sets, Access Types, and Conversion values for MIME mail will be
assigned and listed by the IANA.

Content Types and Subtypes

Type            Subtype         Description                 Reference
----            -------         -----------                 ---------
text            plain                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                richtext                         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                enriched                                    [RFC1896]
                tab-separated-values                   [Paul Lindner]
                html                                        [RFC1866]
                sgml                                        [RFC1874]
                vnd.latex-z                                   [Lubos]
                vnd.fmi.flexstor                             [Hurtta]

multipart       mixed                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                alternative                      [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                digest                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                parallel                         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                appledouble                [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                header-set                             [Dave Crocker]
                form-data                                   [RFC1867]
                related                                     [RFC2112]
                report                                      [RFC1892]
                voice-message                               [RFC1911]
                signed                                      [RFC1847]
                encrypted                                   [RFC1847]
                byteranges                                  [RFC2068]

message         rfc822                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                partial                          [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                external-body                    [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                news                        [RFC 1036, Henry Spencer]
                http                                        [RFC2068]

application     octet-stream                     [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                postscript                       [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                oda                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                atomicmail                    [atomicmail,Borenstein]
                andrew-inset                [andrew-inset,Borenstein]
                slate                           [slate,terry crowley]
                wita              [Wang Info Transfer,Larry Campbell]
                dec-dx            [Digital Doc Trans, Larry Campbell]
                dca-rft        [IBM Doc Content Arch, Larry Campbell]
                activemessage                          [Ehud Shapiro]
                rtf                                    [Paul Lindner]
                applefile                  [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                mac-binhex40               [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                news-message-id              [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
                news-transmission            [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
                wordperfect5.1                         [Paul Lindner]
                pdf                                    [Paul Lindner]
                zip                                    [Paul Lindner]
                macwriteii                             [Paul Lindner]
                msword                                 [Paul Lindner]
                remote-printing                        [RFC1486,Rose]
                mathematica                             [Van Nostern]
                cybercash                                  [Eastlake]
                commonground                                 [Glazer]
                iges                                          [Parks]
                riscos                                        [Smith]
                eshop                                          [Katz]
                x400-bp                                     [RFC1494]
                sgml                                        [RFC1874]
                cals-1840                                   [RFC1895]
                pgp-encrypted                               [RFC2015]
                pgp-signature                               [RFC2015]
                pgp-keys                                    [RFC2015]
                vnd.framemaker                               [Wexler]
                vnd.mif                                      [Wexler]
                vnd.ms-excel                                   [Gill]
                vnd.ms-powerpoint                              [Gill]
                vnd.ms-project                                 [Gill]
                vnd.ms-works                                   [Gill]
                vnd.ms-tnef                                    [Gill]
                vnd.svd                                      [Becker]
                vnd.music-niff                               [Butler]
                vnd.ms-artgalry                             [Slawson]
                vnd.truedoc                                   [Chase]
                vnd.koan                                       [Cole]
                vnd.street-stream                            [Levitt]
                vnd.fdf                                      [Zilles]
                set-payment-initiation                       [Korver]
                set-payment                                  [Korver]
                set-registration-initiation                  [Korver]
                set-registration                             [Korver]
                vnd.seemail                                    [Webb]
                vnd.businessobjects                         [Imoucha]
                vnd.meridian-slingshot                        [Wedel]
                vnd.xara                                 [Matthewman]
                sgml-open-catalog                            [Grosso]
                vnd.rapid                                   [Szekely]
                vnd.enliven                              [Santinelli]
                vnd.japannet-registration-wakeup              [Fujii]
                vnd.japannet-verification-wakeup              [Fujii]
                vnd.japannet-payment-wakeup                   [Fujii]
                vnd.japannet-directory-service                [Fujii]
                vnd.intertrust.digibox                    [Tomasello]
                vnd.intertrust.nncp                       [Tomasello]
                prs.alvestrand.titrax-sheet              [Alvestrand]
                vnd.noblenet-web                            [Solomon]
                vnd.noblenet-sealer                         [Solomon]
                vnd.noblenet-directory                      [Solomon]
                prs.nprend                                  [Doggett]
                vnd.webturbo                                  [Rehem]
                hyperstudio                                  [Domino]
                vnd.shana.informed.formtemplate             [Selzler]
                vnd.shana.informed.formdata                 [Selzler] 
                vnd.shana.informed.package                  [Selzler]
                vnd.shana.informed.interchange              [Selzler]
                vnd.$commerce_battelle                    [Applebaum]
                vnd.osa.netdeploy                              [Klos]
                vnd.ibm.MiniPay                            [Herzberg]
                vnd.japannet-jpnstore-wakeup              [Yoshitake]
                vnd.japannet-setstore-wakeup              [Yoshitake]
                vnd.japannet-verification                 [Yoshitake]
                vnd.japannet-registration                 [Yoshitake]
                vnd.hp-HPGL                               [Pentecost]
                vnd.hp-PCL                                [Pentecost]
                vnd.hp-PCLXL                              [Pentecost]
                vnd.musician                                  [Adams]
                vnd.FloGraphIt                             [Floersch]
                vnd.intercon.formnet                          [Gurak]
                vemmi                                       [RFC2122]
                vnd.ms-asf                               [Fleischman]
                vnd.ecdis-update                       [Buettgenbach]
                vnd.powerbuilder6                               [Guy]
                vnd.powerbuilder6-s                             [Guy]
                vnd.lotus-wordpro                      [Wattenberger]
                vnd.lotus-approach                     [Wattenberger]
                vnd.lotus-1-2-3                        [Wattenberger]
                vnd.lotus-organizer                    [Wattenberger]
                vnd.lotus-screencam                    [Wattenberger]
                vnd.lotus-freelance                    [Wattenberger]
                vnd.fujitsu.oasys                           [Togashi]
                vnd.fujitsu.oasys2                          [Togashi]
                vnd.swiftview-ics                           [Widener]

image           jpeg                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                gif                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                ief             Image Exchange Format       [RFC1314]
                g3fax                                       [RFC1494]
                tiff            Tag Image File Format          [Rose]
                cgm             Computer Graphics Metafile  [Francis]
                naplps                                       [Ferber]
                vnd.dwg                                      [Moline]
                vnd.svf                                      [Moline]
                vnd.dxf                                      [Moline]
                png                                 [Randers-Pehrson]
                vnd.fpx                                     [Spencer]
                vnd.net-fpx                                 [Spencer]

audio           basic                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                32kadpcm                                    [RFC1911]
                vnd.qcelp                                 [Lundblade]

video           mpeg                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                quicktime                              [Paul Lindner]
                vnd.vivo                                      [Wolfe]
                vnd.motorola.video                          [McGinty]
                vnd.motorola.videop                         [McGinty]

model                                                       [RFC2077]
                iges                                          [Parks]
                vrml                                        [RFC2077]
                mesh                                        [RFC2077]

The "media-types" directory contains a subdirectory for each content
type and each of those directories contains a file for each content


   URL = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types

Character Sets

All of the character sets listed the section on Character Sets are
registered for use with MIME as MIME Character Sets.  The
correspondance between the few character sets listed in the MIME
specification [RFC1521] and the list in that section are:

Type           Description                                  Reference
----           -----------                                  ---------
US-ASCII       see ANSI_X3.4-1968 below          [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-1     see ISO_8859-1:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-2     see ISO_8859-2:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-3     see ISO_8859-3:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-4     see ISO_8859-4:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-5     see ISO_8859-5:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-6     see ISO_8859-6:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-7     see ISO_8859-7:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-8     see ISO_8859-8:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-9     see ISO_8859-9:1989 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]

Access Types

Type           Description                                  Reference
----           -----------                                  ---------
FTP                                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ANON-FTP                                         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
TFTP                                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
AFS                                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
LOCAL-FILE                                       [RFC1521,Borenstein]
MAIL-SERVER                                      [RFC1521,Borenstein]
content-id                                                  [RFC1873]

Conversion Values

Conversion values or Content Transfer Encodings.

Type           Description                                  Reference
----           -----------                                  ---------
7BIT                                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
8BIT                                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
BASE64                                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
BINARY                                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
QUOTED-PRINTABLE                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]


MIME to X.400 Table

    MIME content-type          X.400 Body Part             Reference
    -----------------          ------------------          ---------
      charset=us-ascii         ia5-text                     [RFC1494]
      charset=iso-8859-x       EBP - GeneralText            [RFC1494]
    text/richtext              no mapping defined           [RFC1494]
    application/oda            EBP - ODA                    [RFC1494]
    application/octet-stream   bilaterally-defined          [RFC1494]
    application/postscript     EBP - mime-postscript-body   [RFC1494]
    image/g3fax                g3-facsimile                 [RFC1494]
    image/jpeg                 EBP - mime-jpeg-body         [RFC1494]
    image/gif                  EBP - mime-gif-body          [RFC1494]
    audio/basic                no mapping defined           [RFC1494]
    video/mpeg                 no mapping defined           [RFC1494]

    Abbreviation: EBP - Extended Body Part

X.400 to MIME Table

                             Basic Body Parts

    X.400 Basic Body Part      MIME content-type           Reference
    ---------------------      --------------------        ---------
    ia5-text                   text/plain;charset=us-ascii [RFC1494]
    voice                      No Mapping Defined          [RFC1494]
    g3-facsimile               image/g3fax                 [RFC1494]
    g4-class1                  no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    teletex                    no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    videotex                   no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    encrypted                  no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    bilaterally-defined        application/octet-stream    [RFC1494]
    nationally-defined         no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    externally-defined         See Extended Body Parts     [RFC1494]

    X.400 Extended Body Part  MIME content-type            Reference
    ------------------------- --------------------         ---------
    GeneralText               text/plain;charset=iso-8859-x[RFC1494] 
    ODA                       application/oda              [RFC1494]
    mime-postscript-body      application/postscript       [RFC1494]
    mime-jpeg-body            image/jpeg                   [RFC1494]
    mime-gif-body             image/gif                    [RFC1494]


[MacMime] Work in Progress.

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