IPP> MOD - Lets use integer pairs in the "printer-resolution"

IPP> MOD - Lets use integer pairs in the "printer-resolution"

IPP> MOD - Lets use integer pairs in the "printer-resolution"

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Jun 19 19:30:20 EDT 1997

as a multi-valued attribute with two values.

Presumably a SetOf RangeOf X would be encoded as a multi-valued
attribute in which each pair of values is interpreted as a range.

So we are now in a position to reconsider the "printer-resolution"
job template attribute in the Model document.  We had decided to use
enums with explicit combinations (which could be added to by
going to the registration process), so that there wouldn't be a
complicated structure for encoding pairs.  But now that we have a
simple encoding, namely a multi-valued attribute, we can reconsider using
integers for resolution.

Using pairs of integers will get us out of the registration business
for resolution and may help IPP converge with the FAX folks.

I propose the following for the table on page 37:

printer-resolution(1SetOf Integer)	printer-resolution(1SetOf Integer)
printer-resolution-supported(1SetOf Integer)	

I propose the following specification for "printer-resolution":

6.2.12	printer-resolution (1SetOf Integer)

This job attribute specifies the resolution in dots per inch that the 
Printer SHALL use.  The value SHALL be a single integer or a pair of
integers. The latter are to specify the resolution when the x and y
dimensions differ. When two integers are specified, the first is in the x
direction, i.e., in the direction of the shortest dimension of the medium,
so that the value is independent of whether the printer feeds long edge or
short edge first.

The "printer-resolution-supported" Printer attribute SHALL always contain
pairs of integers for the various combinations of x and y direction 
resolutions that are supported, whether the x and y values differ or not.



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