IPP> MOD - ISSUE: "document-format" data type: keyword vs name?

IPP> MOD - ISSUE: "document-format" data type: keyword vs name?

IPP> MOD - ISSUE: "document-format" data type: keyword vs name?

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Sat Jun 21 13:09:47 EDT 1997

Page 54, line 415: "document-format" data type is keyword.  Should it be
changed to name?

Both Printer MIB lang enum symbols and MIME type/sub-types have mixed case
and MIME types/sub-types have illegal characters for keywords: "/" and ".".  
For example, the MIME type/sub-type name for PCL is:


Since the IPP Model document doesn't control the registry for either of
these, I suggest that we simply change the data type to 'name'.

Alternatively, we could define a tranformation for the MIME type/sub-type
names to keyword syntax:

  a. down case the names
  b. remove the "/" to make them legal keywords
     (or don't include 'application/' at all, just use the sub-type name?)
  c. map the "." to something 
     (or add "." to the list of allowed keyword characters?).

If we change data type to name, the Model document needs to clarify the case
of the values: mixed case, case insensitive, what for purposes of matching?
I suggest that case insensitive be required, since these are names, not

Need to add examples:  

Printer enum symbols (without 'lang' prefix):  'PS',  'PCL'  'SimpleText'
(what corresponding MIME type/sub-type?)

MIME type/sub-type names:  'application/postscript',
'application/vnd.hp-PCL', and 'application/pdf' (no corresponding lang enum).

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