IPP>PRO: sorry, binary is better (?)

IPP>PRO: sorry, binary is better (?)

IPP>PRO: sorry, binary is better (?)

Larry Masinter masinter at parc.xerox.com
Mon Jun 23 22:29:37 EDT 1997

> The extensibility argument was why we changed in the first re-rev from
> 32-bit numbers to length prefaced Strings.

Right, so the question isn't 'text vs. binary', it's
'length-prefaced strings' vs. 'delimited strings', and

if length-prefaced, whether it is ascii-decimal-length or binary-length

and if delimited, whether it's
escaped delimiters or encoded delimiters

The argument against length-prefaced is that there might
be some errors if some of the characters might be accidentally
transformed (e.g., space & tab, CR & LF & CRLF).

The argument against delimited strings is that it takes
more time to scan or parse. (You have to parse if the
delimiters are escaped when not used as a delimiter, and
scan and decode if the delimiters are encoded.)

HTTP is mainly delimited (by CRLF) and escaped (for comment
strings) but sometimes encoded (e.g., in URLs).


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