IPP> SEC - IPP and firewalls

IPP> SEC - IPP and firewalls

IPP> SEC - IPP and firewalls

Michael W. Bringmann michael at rd.qms.com
Mon Jun 30 17:27:59 EDT 1997

> The kind of restrictions that a firewall might impose include:
> - Only requests from a set of known TCP/IP address ranges
> - Only one copy of each document

Why would a firewall restrict the number of copies of a document?
Would the firewall scan the data stream for the IPP 'copies' attribute
and abort the document if it were present?

> - Only black & white printing

Why and how would a firewall restrict an image to black & white?
This implies examination of the actual document content to me,
something which you later state is probably not going to occur.
Jobs might be limited to black & white due to document size
constraints, but not just because they are color.

> - Only documents up to a certain size
> - No multiple document jobs
> - No print-by-reference jobs
> I expect that it is unlikely that the firewall software would be able to
> check for features specified in the actual document content (e.g. as
> specified in a Postscript statement).



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