IPP> Connection Maintenance in IPP

IPP> Connection Maintenance in IPP

IPP> Connection Maintenance in IPP

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jul 2 19:26:14 EDT 1997

At 03:40 PM 7/2/97 PDT, Daniel Cogswell wrote:
>I've been working on a prototype that uses the IPP and I have run into a
>question which I would be interested in hearing some comments on.
>I think of HTTP as not being a connection oriented protocol. I know I'm using
>the term loosely here, but, as I understand it, when you open up a connection
>using http you can write and then you can read once. You can't do the
>read/write read/write kind of activity.  There is, however, the
>command in IPP which wants to maintain a connection. That is, it wants this
>read/write read/write connection. How does IPP plan to maintain the
>when it begins to append documents to the job?
>Dan Cogswell


this is an addition to the reply you already got back from Randy about HTTP

The Create-Job operation, if successful, always returns a job URI.  You
will use that URI to post any further documents (Send-Document) or
print-by-reference URIs (Send-URI) that belong to that job, even if you do
it in a new HTTP connection. In effect you will probably have to make it in
a new connection as the job URI is different from the Printer URI, that you
use for the Create-Job.


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