IPP> MOD - Questions on IPP Model and Protocol Document

IPP> MOD - Questions on IPP Model and Protocol Document

IPP> MOD - Questions on IPP Model and Protocol Document

Xavier D. Riley xriley at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jul 8 10:12:46 EDT 1997

Clarification on the following would be appreciated.  I'm trying 
to tie the new Protocol document (ipp970702.doc) to the Model 
document. My comments are preceded by "XDR>".

319    2.2.2 Parameters
323    attributes, some do not.  All parameters are defined in section 5.
XDR>   Its not clear to me what are "parameters" in section 5. There are
XDR>   not explicitly identified. The protocol document mentions
XDR>   "parameter groups" which are not mentioned in the Model document.

723 Print Job Request
XDR>   It is stated that the "document-name" is MANDATORY. Line 735 states 
XDR>   that the simplest Print-Job request consists of just the Document 
XDR>   Content and nothing else. Is this a conflict?

974    5.1.8 Cancel Job Operation
XDR>   It is stated that only the job originator can cancel the job. How much 
XDR>   credibility are you placing in the validity of the 
XDR>   "job-originating-user" value. This validity should be tied into the 
XDR>   different security methods used and the differences should be stated.
XDR>   In order to truly accomplish this, the user has to be authenticated,  
XDR>   which leads you down the path to talking about security issues.
XDR>   should this be moved to the IPP Security document?  

1043   "The requested attributes of the object with their current valuesSHALL"
XDR>   I'm not sure you meant to have "SHALL" at the end of this sentence.

1051   A Printer MAY be configured, for security reasons, not 
       to return all attributes that a client requests. It may 
1052   even return none of the requested attributes. In such 
       cases, the status returned is the same as if the Printer 
1053   had returned all requested attributes. The client cannot 
       tell by such a response whether the requested 
1054   attribute was present or absent on the Printer.
XDR>   What is the rationale behind this policy of not 
XDR>   guaranteeing a return? It would be nice to guarantee this 
XDR>   return so the client could dynamically build the UI querying
XDR>   for all of the supported attributed on a printer.

1068   4. If the client supplies an attribute group keyword that is 
       not unsupported, ...
XDR>   Did you really mean to use "not unsupported" ?

1248   ... the "printer-job-template" group in order to get the 
XDR>   Should "printer-job-template" be printer "job-template" ?

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