IPP>MOD Issue with localization

IPP>MOD Issue with localization

IPP>MOD Issue with localization

Ira Mcdonald x10962 imcdonal at eso.mc.xerox.com
Sat Jul 19 16:11:41 EDT 1997

Hi Bob,

Why would you expect the values set by the site NOT to be
localized (ie, to have their character set and language,
while static from device install, declared and available
to remote monitoring and client applications).

- Ira McDonald

PS - 
This business of the declared 'cooperative' locale of
management stations and on-system management agents (or
IPP print servers) is what Tom Hastings, Angelo Caruso,
and I have been trying to clarify since early April
for the Printer MIB v2 - at present, all strings which
are NOT localized are forced to 7-bit US-ASCII - in
IPP they would be forced to UTF-8 (by default), but
for environments where the ISO 8859-n or ISO 2020
(2022, oops) character sets are more appropriate, 
there is no reason to preclude in IPP having a printer
attribute which is the declared 'cooperative' static
locale for other text strings - or as Tom Hastings
has suggested for the Job Mon MIB, the dynamic (usser
specified) locale for remotely supplied strings in a
job specification.

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Subject: IPP>MOD Issue with localization
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Should we a make statement about which attributes should be localized.
I would expect the text attributes set by the manufacturer would be
localized. They are: job-state-message ,
printer-more-info-manufacturer, printer-state-message, and
printer-make-and-model. I would expect text attribute set by a site
would not be localized. They are job-message-from-operator,
printer-location, printer-description, printer-message-

If we agree with the first paragraph, should there be a separate text
type called localized-text for the 4 attributes mentioned in the
previous issue that can be localized. The status-message parameter
would also have this type, as would notification messages.

Unless we do something, the localization issue is left very vague.

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