IPP> ADM - We got our drafts in

IPP> ADM - We got our drafts in

IPP> ADM - We got our drafts in

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jul 30 17:37:04 EDT 1997


new draft for the following IPP documents have now been sent to the IETF:

- Model & Semantics
- Security
- Protocol
- Rationale
- LPD Mapping

There was some confusion about the Model & Semantics documents as both
Scott and I submitted text versions, but I have asked the secretariat to
ignore my version, which was not perfect.  I have just put up a version of
the Rationale document on the server under the name:

 draft-ietf-ipp-rat-01.txt in the new_PRO folder

Jeff Copeland is just updating our web pages with pointers to the new


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