IPP> ADM - Agenda for Munich

IPP> ADM - Agenda for Munich

IPP> ADM - Agenda for Munich

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Aug 4 11:34:02 EDT 1997

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I have sent a revised agenda to the IETF for the Munich meeting.

I attach the TXT file with this message.


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Internet Printing Protocol WG (ipp)

Monday, August 11 at 1530-1730 & Wednesday August 13 at 1530-1730

Chairs:  Carl-Uno Manros <manros at cp10.es.xerox.com>
         Steve Zilles <szilles at adobe.com>


Monday - Part 1: Review IPP documents on:
        - Requirements - Requirements for an Internet Printing Protocol  <draft-ietf-ipp-req-00.txt>
        - Model & Semantics - Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Model and Semantics <draft-ietf-ipp-model-04.txt>
        - Directory Schema - Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Directory Schema <draft-ietf-ipp-dir-schema-01.txt>

Wednesday - Part 2: Review IPP documents on:
        - Rationale - Rationale for the Structure of the Model and Protocol for the Internet Printing Protocol
        - Security - Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Security <draft-ietf-ipp-security-01.txt>
        - Protocol - Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Protocol Specification <draft-ietf-ipp-protocol-01.txt>
        - Mapping to LPD (RFC 1179) - Mapping between LPD and IPP Protocols 

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Carl-Uno Manros
Principal Engineer - Advanced Printing Standards - Xerox Corporation
701 S. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA, M/S: ESAE-231
Phone +1-310-333 8273, Fax +1-310-333 5514
Email: manros at cp10.es.xerox.com

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