IPP> IPP Phone Calls and MIME-type

IPP> IPP Phone Calls and MIME-type

IPP> IPP Phone Calls and MIME-type

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri Aug 22 23:19:33 EDT 1997

Thanks for doing a great job of summarizing the current state of affairs,
Steve.  You've covered the essence of the issues, IMHO.

As a vendor of software currently utilizing the Printer MIB, maintaining
two registries--one for enums, the other for MIME types--is not that big
a problem.  We can go either way.  I would suspect many other server-based
software developers might say the same thing.

The folks with the biggest problems with using MIME types in the MIB
are probably the printer manufacturers.  Printer vendors are inclined
to provide consistent services up and down their product lines, and
while mid- to high-end systems can afford the added space required for
comprehensive MIME definitions, memory continues to be a precious
resource for for low-end units.

MIME types come at a bit of expense, but the simple elegance for extensions
is quite compelling, IMHO.  I support the move to incorporate MIME types
in the Printer MIB.  Whether the existing enums are deprecated or not
does not really matter to us at this time, although I would suspect that
others may not be very enthusiastic.


PS: Probably the biggest reason for the low turnout for the last IPP
    telecon was the fact that no "reminder/info" message was posted on
    the IPP list within a day or two of the telecon.  As I recall, this
    was the first time no reminder message was posted since we started
    the telecon series.  I completely forgot about the telecon
    date...then realized that I had been subconsciously hooked on being
    electronically reminded from the list.  Perhaps we can make it a
    point to post such reminders before all future telecons.

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