IPP> IPP SEC - suggestions for Model document

IPP> IPP SEC - suggestions for Model document

IPP> IPP SEC - suggestions for Model document

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 2 12:46:50 EDT 1997

Scott, you asked for some suggestions on security for the model document.

Currently you have two sections on security, one on conformance (5.4) and the
other on security considerations (7).

I'd recommend something like the following:

Section 5.4:  Security Conformance Requirements

The security mechanisms for IPP fall outside the scope of the application layer
protocol itself, and are described in detail in the Internet Draft "Internet
Protocol/1.0: Security".  It is required that the Internet Printing Protocol be
able to
operate in a secure environment.  A conforming IPP implementation SHOULD
provide a range of security services which can be tailored to meet the
needs of a specific installation. These MUST include HTTP 1.1 basic and
digest authentication, and SHOULD in addition support a secure communication
channel, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and/or IP Security (IPSec).

Section 7:  Security Considerations

The Internet Draft "Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Security" provides a
discussion of the security considerations for IPP.  Every time a new connection
is established with a Printer object or with a job Object, a new security
must be established.  However, it is up to the site administrator to determine
specific security requirements for any given IPP operation.  This will be
through  implementation specific means which are outside the scope of this
standard. When a Job object is created, a security token MUST be associated
with the Job which defines the most authenticated name of the user creating the
job.  When required by administratively established policy, this token MUST
the authenticated name provided on any subsequent operation on that job.

Roger K deBry
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Architecture and Technology
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