IPP> TES Meeting Minutes

IPP> TES Meeting Minutes

IPP> TES Meeting Minutes

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Tue Sep 9 16:21:50 EDT 1997

>>>>> "PZ" == Peter Zehler <pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com> writes:

PZ> It was suggested that a TCP port be allocated for IPP(516 was
PZ> suggested).  Some of us use 3rd party embedded HTTP servers.  We need to
PZ> find out from these companies is supporting IPP on a port other than
PZ> port 80 is a problem.

  The EmWeb server can operate over any TCP port of combination of
  ports (with different content on different ports, if you want it
  that way).

  You may send any other queries direct to me.

Scott Lawrence           EmWeb Embedded Server       <lawrence at agranat.com>
Agranat Systems, Inc.        Engineering            http://www.agranat.com/

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